Sales skills are life skills. You probably have many of them already. Other sales skills can usually be learned. And have skills, will travel. Far.

A study presented at the 2017 American Marketing Association Winter Conference found that 25 percent of CEOs come from a sales and marketing background.

Every salesperson won’t end up as a CEO. However, all will have the ability to achieve income security – and more – by having a skill set valuable in any economy.

Walk your talk

Communication. The word “communicate” comes from a Latin verb meaning “to share” or “to make common.”

In keeping with this, you’ve probably heard about someone having “the common touch.” This is the ability to say what you think so that people understand and can buy into the message. It’s finding the right words for the right situation. It’s also tuning into others’ body language. When you can read nonverbal cues, you can respond effectively. When you’re a good communicator, people know they can count on you. You do what you say: You walk the talk.

Relationship-building. Both personal and business relationships are built on reliability and trust. In sales, relationship-building is finding out what the customer needs and providing solutions that produce ROI. The Virtanza Sales Training, Certification, and Career Placement Assistance Course teaches how to develop a dialogue for building customer relationships.

“Students learn the four-step Virtanza Consultative selling process with the goal of becoming sales professionals who do more than just ‘sell.’ They practice customer relationship and consultant foundational skills,” says Virtanza founder Debbie Holzkamp, a career sales executive. “Students learn everything there is to know about their customers. They put the needs of their customers first, assess how the customer’s needs translate into success, and provide exceptional solutions.

“This builds relationships that will last long after the deal has closed.”

Listen up!

John Ippolito emphasizes active listening as a valuable sales skill on the HubSpot sales blog. Contrary to the stereotype of being loud and boisterous, Ippolito says, “ … some of the best salespeople are fairly quiet types. He adds:

“The best reps follow the “80/20 rule,” meaning they let the prospect talk for 80% of the conversation while they only speak for 20% of the time,” Ippolito explains. “During the 80%, the rep is listening intently and noting conversational points to emphasize later.”

On, Charlie Thomas lists other skills that salespeople bring to the table in any role, among them: the ability to stay calm, negotiating, teamwork, and the ability to think quickly.

Learn how you can build a sales skill set to help you travel far in your career: Click here to visit the Virtanza website.

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