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If you need to fill a sales position, Sales2Job is your expert source for job recruitment. We help businesses in every field find top performing candidates, from Health Services, Insurance, Energy, Business Services, and Wholesale, to Industrial, Media, Financial Services, Hospitality and Technology. Our system includes job profile coaching, candidate sales assessments, targeted recruiting and preliminary interviewing. Increase your business’s revenue with the best qualified sales people!


We coach. We have decades of experience in the field and will work with your business to create a balanced job profile to reflect position needs, while attracting high quality candidates and selling them on the job.


We assess. The Chally Sales Assessment uses a comprehensive, in-depth sales assessment profile customized per job and matches candidates to that profile. We use it to assess if a candidate’s skills align with more than 20 types of sales roles.


We recruit. We spend time to see what member companies seek in a sales professional. Then we invest marketing and advertising dollars to ensure that your opportunity is seen by the right candidates in the right places.


We interview. If we determine that a candidate is qualified and a great fit for your organization and needs, we will send them your way! We bring you the best qualified candidates, all you have to do is choose the best fit for your sales position.

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We Help Great Companies Find Great Sales People

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chuck_dix“Sales Training is one of the most overlooked priorities in business. As a business owner, that’s why I appreciate how Sales2Job Academy teaches my sales team how to assess each client’s needs and then properly serve them. Sales2Job training is a win-win for our sales team and clients.”

-G. Charles Dix II, President, Dix Communications

ron_waite“I hire sales professionals who are smart, engaging and work hard. Sales2Job Academy takes their natural talent, helps them discover their selling style, and how to use this knowledge to close faster and sell more – all while building long-lasting relationships that produce results.”

-Ron Waite, Senior Vice President of Sales & Regional General Manager Dix Communications


The Chally assessment helps systematically identify the best sales personnel to meet top performance requirements. Chally’s predictive science assists in making a well informed hiring decision and helps increase sales productivity and profitability.

Sales People We Can Help You Find:

  • Sales Director
  • VP Sales and Marketing
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Associate
  • Hunter/New Business Development
  • Sales Consultant
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Inbound Sales
  • Outbound Sales
  • Account Manager
  • Indirect Sales
  • Product/Transactional Sales
  • System Specialist
  • Territory Consultive Product Sales
  • Territory Relationship System Sales
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Sales
  • Strategic Account Sales
  • Telephone Sales
  • Call Center Manager
  • Branch Sales

Industries We Serve:

  • Health Care
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Energy
  • Media

Let us help you find the perfect fit for your sales position.

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Debbie Holzkamp
Entrepreneur and Sales2Job Academy Founder & Educator

  • Led sales organizations of 400+ people
  • Accelerated profitable revenues to $400M+ revenues annually for large multinational companies
  • 30+ years of sales/executive experience
  • Author: Virtanza The Art and Science of Successful Selling for Business-To-Business Sales Professionals.

Contact Debbie Today! debbie@sales2jobacademy.com


Keith Gilpin 
Sales/Direct Marketing Executive and Sales Educator

  • 30+ years of success growing exponential revenue for major companies in very competitive markets including Detroit, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Orange county
  • Developed direct marketing start-up divisions in four markets resulting $7M-$15M+ annual profitable revenue streams in each.
  • Created multiple business partnerships between competitors leveraging audiences, products, distribution and production for accelerated profit and revenue.

Contact Keith today! keith@sales2jobacademy.com


Brett Olinger
Transformational Career Coach

  • Helps you identify your personal and professional brand values through ongoing assessment, commitment to research, targeted networking. This results in your Strategic Career Plan.
  • Diverse background spans biomedical research and manufacturing to business to executive career coaching.
  • Prior to becoming an Executive Career Coach, Brett was a Controller & Director of Operations and IT Breakaway Press and conducted research in Molecular Biology at University Southern California School of Medicine.

Contact Brett today! brett@powerconnectionsinc.com


Katie Marcuzzo
Curriculum Writer, Sales Recruiter, Content Management

  • Professional writer and communications specialist with over ten years experience developing comprehensive message strategies for internal and external audiences.
  • Has recruited and placed over 30 top performing candidates during Sales2job pilot program, with retention in top 10% level.
  • Creates job profiles that concisely meet company candidate needs and she utilizes her strong interview techniques in assessing candidates against hiring needs.

Contact Katie today! katie@sales2jobacademy.com

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Let us help you find the perfect fit for your sales position!

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