Students who will apply their natural talents in a hot new careers as sales professionals began the Virtanza™ Sales Training and Certification program May 5.  Virtanza™ is presented by Sales2Job Academy.

The program includes a five-week series of interactive, instructor-led sales certification webinars. These are followed by three weeks of career coaching and job placement assistance. Sales2Job team members assist Virtanza™ graduates in launching new careers. Graduates receive coaching and advice as they actively search for sales roles targeted to their strengths.

Certification is an affordable, practical alternative for starting new careers

In less than two months, Sales2Job Academy graduates gain access to new careers. This is a fraction of the time and tuition investment required for two- and four-year college programs. A new Virtanza™ program begins the first Friday of every month, with another class set to start on June 2.

“College tuition often costs more than people can easily afford, and certain programs may not provide demonstrated skill training to land in a sales position,” says Debbie Holzkamp, President of HDS Premier Consulting and Sales2Job Academy. “Our alternative career program is useful, skill-based, and offers certified education and job placement all in one.”

Sales careers offer flexibility and uncapped income

“No career choice offers what a career in sales does in terms of reward for your effort and financial opportunity,” says Holzkamp. “Sales2Job Academy offers the chance for someone of any age and career history to receive training and master sales skills while also getting placed into a job where they are prepared to succeed.”

No matter the region or the state of the economy, sales professionals are always in demand.

The course covers active listening, presentation skills and practice, and relationship building techniques.  Students learn a sales process that is tailored to their selling style. They build an effective LinkedIn profile, learn interviewing skills, and get tips for building a personal brand. There’s even Microsoft Word and PowerPoint training.

Virtanza™ is also available for college students as a two-hour college credit course. The course is available to colleges as a result of an evaluation and recommendation for college credit by The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®). The recommendation is specific to the lower-division baccalaureate/associate degree category in business communications, sales, or marketing.

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