Developing business knowledge – or business “literacy,” as employers call it – is a sure way to give yourself a competitive advantage. Becoming business literate is under your control. So make it happen! Staffing expert Tammy Davidson calls it exercising your “learnability.” Such learnability is a hugely important career success factor. Davidson should know: She is Senior Vice President of Client Services, Florida/Caribbean for Right Management, the outplacement giant.

Here are some ways you can grow your business knowledge. Many are free. Some might require a small investment (your future is worth it).

Read, read, read to grow business knowledge

Get news on your smartphone. Digital Trends offers a summary of the best of them. Your local newspaper is sure to have a news app, too. Look for info about the economy, the industry you’re interested in, and the financial picture for both. Learn how organizations work. Get interested in local issues such as community development and taxes. Sign up for free email newsletters such as Fast Company, which offers a well-rounded view of what’s happening in business and technology plus some fun stuff.  And remember, there’s a treasure trove of news and information online with the help of your favorite search engine.

Network online

Take advantage of LinkedIn.  Create an appropriate, professional profile. This isn’t Facebook where you post goofy things. It’s serious business. Read articles on LinkedIn Pulse. Join LinkedIn groups that relate to your areas of career interest, then follow the discussion. There’s a lot to learn here.

Network in person

Expand your knowledge of business in your town or city: Attend local chamber of commerce meetings. A chamber of commerce is a network of business owners and others who work to further the interests of their local business community. Many large cities have multiple chamber organizations, some focusing on industries and others on the business interests of communities such as African American and Hispanic. Click here to find a chamber near you.  There is typically a cost for attending a chamber breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting. However, who knows what you might learn or who you might meet?

Learning about a client’s business is vital to operating as a strategic business partner. Students in the Virtanza™ Sales Training, Certification, and Career Placement Assistance Course research their client companies in case management exercises on developing sales presentations. They also explore their target employers’ business and operations while performing an active job search with the assistance of Virtanza experts.

Today is your day to get busy getting interested in business.


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